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New Feature! Quick add!

In addition to the bugs pointed out yesterday, there was a request to have a quick-add feature so cards could be put in the list fast. I rigged this up today and put it through some testing. It seems to work well and offers some advantages.

The SimGod now just has to set up a directory with all the files they want for a particular simulation. They can then delete the existing list and use the quick add feature to add everything in the directory. It takes only a few seconds to change simulations this way and gets rid of fighting to peel back mannequin skin every time. Details on its usage are here.

Please give it a shot and let me know how you use it.

It is in the master branch on github. Follow the instructions from my last post to update your software.

Here’s a video overview, if you go to the vimeo site the quality is much better.

edus2 quick scan feature from Paul Kulyk on Vimeo.

Once some others verify it is working I am going to bump the version number.

If you are using this, saving tonnes of money by not buying the expensive commercial simulator, and want to donate to my huge college debt to show your appreciation I’m sure something can be arranged!

Please comment on any issues you encounter or post below to let me know if you are using it/like the changes.

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