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SAEM and edus2

SAEM, this is our edus2… edus2, please behave.

With this year’s emphasis on simulation and ultrasound in EM, our little emergency department ultrasound simulator (edus2) found that the SAEM Conference made for very good company.

For us, the Pauls, highlights included the inaugural Sono Games as well as the return of Sim Wars. The enthusiasm shown by both faculty and residents was inspiring while the cases intriguing.

Seeing our American counterparts pull off sim roles worthy of Oscar nomination and elsewhere deliver top game show quality entertainment reminded us of our own experiences here at home. We have a great team here at the U of S, capable of achieving the same level of expertise and engagement that we saw this past week in Chicago.

We come home with several ideas thanks to the impressive work of so many at this year’s conference. Props to Matt and Mike and The Ultrasound Podcast, Paul O is hooked.

Of course, we are also optimistic that some of the attending faculty will now pursue development of their own edus2 machines. We look forward to hearing from them as they proceed.

Cheers, The Pauls

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